Potty Training Trials

Is potty training this hard for everyone? Ugh! I find myself so frustrated right now! Let me back up a minute though and recap the week. If you find yourself easily offended, don't read this post - it's not for you.

Last weekend I prepped Honeygirl, telling her that on Monday she was going to be a big girl and wear big girl panties. Grammie was kind enough to join us for the entire week to be an extra cheerleader and help Honeygirl when I was busy with Sweet Pea. Monday, I took took Honeygirl in the bathroom as soon as she got up. She got to wear her big girl panties and we tried to sit on the toilet frequently. For every "success," she got a sticker on her sticker chart and a "treat" (M&M). At the end of day one, we'd gone through 10 pairs of panties, but had 6 stickers. It was a start.
Tuesday we ended the day with 7 stickers and had gone through 9 pairs of panties. I figured it was an improvement.
Wednesday we decided to set the for 20 minute increments. Honeygirl quickly figured out that the beeping of the timer meant it was "time to go potty!" We went through even less pairs of training pants, and she had 18 stickers by the end of the day! (I didn't even know it was possible to eliminate that many times in one day!)
Thursday we changed things up and went to Grandma's for about 90 minutes. We didn't do a very good job of keeping track of successes or failures, but we were hanging in there.
Friday was another day of LOTS of stickers, but still plenty of accidents.
Saturday, Daddy got to be home and find out just how challenging this project is....
And today, Sunday, I'm wondering if we keep going or take a break. The day started with Honeygirl refusing to try to sit on the toilet, followed by three big accidents all over the floor and Daddy's jacket (which was on the floor). Unfortunately, the high schooler in the nursery at church didn't catch on to the importance of taking Honeygirl to the bathroom, so the poor baby was soaked when we picked her up. Then we came home and had two more accidents no where near the toilet. Why?? Hopefully we can all regroup after naptime....


  1. I got super frustrated when we were potty training with Hudson. I had to post scripture verses in the bathroom to hep keep things in perspective. My advice is not to force it....if after another week she's still having a ton of accidents maybe take a break and try again in a month or so. It takes time...but you'll come out on the other side eventually! Good luck.

  2. Sounds like my potty training experience with Little Man. I wanted to ship him off to potty training school! =) I did the potty training in a day program which proved to be more like potty training in 6 months! But Princessa did it in a day. So who knows, maybe your next will be a breeze! =)Hang in there and don't force it. She will learn soon enough (Even though everyone tells you that, but you really wonder if they know what they are talking about!).


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