Love a good sale

Oooh I love a good sale! Twice a year I go to a HUGE consignment sale about 15 minutes away. It's the local chapter of the Just Between Friends sale. Awesome, awesome deals every time! The only bummer is that the parking fee at the location they use is $8 per car. Yuck. But because the deals are always so good, I suck it up and go. Well, my sister-in-law heard about another consignment sale that's just as close and doesn't charge parking. There are tons of consignment sales in our area, but most are not that big and not really worth my time. The one I checked out today was amazing though! I think this is going to be my new go-to sale. :) And they have one twice a year - spring and fall. Yay! Shoes for the girls, and a bunch of cool weather clothes for my little Sweet Pea who is growing faster than her big sis did. :) For anyone interested, the new sale I discovered is call SuperKid Resale. So impressed!


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