Potty Training Trials take 2

So we've restarted the potty training adventures. And this time there is NO going back. We're going to power through even if it kills me. But hopefully it doesn't. It's amazing how something like potty training has the power to change my mind about how many kids I want to have. I mean, we didn't have a hard and fast number to start with, but we were leaning pretty heavily towards three. Now, I'm just not so sure. Do I really want to go through this with THREE kids? I already know I'll have to endure at least one more round since we have two kids at this point.... Well, that's a discussion for another day.

This time around, I'm trying to keep my cool. During the day, when we're at home, Honeygirl is wearing her training pants (otherwise known to her as "big girl panties"). For naptime, bedtime, and leaving the house, we're going with Pull-Ups. It feels like the easier way to go. With as much money as we've saved by using cloth diapers, we've decided that Pull-Ups are okay. I still don't like the idea that Honeygirl has chemical-filled paper on, but since they aren't as absorbent, I'd like to think there must not be as many chemicals in them as traditional diapers. And they don't smell as chemical-filled as some diapers do either.

So far, some days are better than others, but I think she's getting it! I'm trying to make sure I ask her at least once an hour if she needs to go. If the answer is no, I try to keep an eye on her for signs that she might need to go. And of course when she goes in the toilet, we all celebrate. :) Saturday was particularly rough after she had spent all day Friday at Grandma's and out of our normal routine. I was pretty sure I was going to go through the roof with how frustrated I was. Not my best moments as a mom. (Super great to hear a sermon at church the next day about training up a child well.... Better work on my level of patience!) I'm hoping that after spending this next Friday with Grandma as well that she doesn't backslide quite as much.


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