Both girls have had birthday in the past several weeks. Sweet Pea turned one and Honeygirl turned three! Our house has felt like party central lately. For Sweet Pea, we celebrated with family. At least the ones who weren't at Grandpa Sherbie's bedside. (We finished out the party and headed up to visit the next day.) We had a rainbow party - all the bright colors were a lot of fun!

For Honeygirl, her actual birthday was the same day as Grandpa Sherbie's funeral. Certainly not normal, but we chowed down on cupcakes after getting home from the funeral. A brutal reminder that life does go on.

The actual party got postponed to the following weekend though. At her request, we had a princess party. She got to invite a few of her friends, plus we invited a couple families we are good friends with. We kept it fairly small, which was nice.


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