Heaven's new resident

(written Sept 28th)

Tonight I told Honeygirl I had something really special to talk to her about. The Bible says that Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us – with mansions! It says there are trees and a river. And a gate with colors like a rainbow. And best of all, it’s where Jesus lives. As I told this to Honeygirl, her face lit up with a huge grin. “And Grandpa Sherbie lives there too!” Amazingly, I had not yet told her that around 7pm, Grandpa Sherbie truly had peacefully entered into the presence of our Lord Jesus. She was thrilled to discover that he was no longer in his hospital bed or feeling sick. However, she did want to know if Jesus had taken him to heaven in a car and if they were in a parking lot. Hmmm…yes, I suppose that would be the logical way to get somewhere in the mind of an almost-three-year-old! Explaining that Jesus carried him there seemed to make sense to her. Now she just wants to know how soon Jesus will come to carry her there too. Ah, the sweet belief of children!


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