Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Photo a Day challenge from fatmumslim

It's yet to be decided if I'll take part or not, but here is the March photo a day challenge.  

Feb 29

Feb 29:  something you are listening to

I have to say, I am a huge fan of Pandora!  As a child, I pretty much dreamed up the concept, but my vision was only for in the car.  I hated how if you drove too far, you couldn't get your favorite radio station anymore.  I thought there should be some sort of program where you entered what kind of music you wanted to listen to and it would just find stations to accommodate you as you drove.  Pandora is way better than my vision.  And of course whoever invented it made millions.  Compared to the nothing I made.  Guess that's what I get for not marketing the idea 20 years ago....

PS.  Yes, I'm aware that I missed a few days.  But I have to say I am super proud of myself for completing as many days as I did!  Yay!  I just found a March photo challenge.  Not sure if I'm up for it or not.  I enjoyed Februray, so we'll see.

Feb 23

Feb 23:  your shoes

Of course I have other shoes. Shoes that I wear out the house.  But since I spend a lot of time at home and we don't wear shoes in the house, these are the ones that are usually on my feet.  My beloved slippers that my girls and wonderful husband bought me for Christmas.  :)

Feb 22

Feb 22:  where you work

Ahh...I work in so many places.  But this is the one I seem to spend the most time. ;)  For the record, I work for pay at the hospital.  I work VERY part time as a Mary Kay consultant out of the closet in our office/craft room.  And I work full time at home as a mama, cook, laundress, housekeeper, etc.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 21

Feb 21:  a fave photo of you

A photo of a favorite photo of me and my Honeygirl.  She's grown up so much in the last year.  No more squishy baby cheeks.  She's grown up into a big girl!

Feb 20

Feb 20: handwriting

This is my handwriting!  I think most of what I write these days is grocery lists and meal plans.  This one is a conglomeration of two weeks worth of meal plan attempts. 

Feb 19

Feb 19:  something you hate to do

Oops!  I never took a photo.  There are several things I thought of that I could had taken a photo of though....  I hate cleaning toilets and showers.  I hate cleaning up messes.  I hate breaking up "fights" between screaming children.   Guess I better get over those things though since it's looking like I'll have to continue doing them for quite a while....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 18

Feb 18: drink

My wonderful husband took me out tonight for a great date night!  Dinner at Equinox.  Dessert at Pix Patisserie.  And Disney's Beauty & the Beast at Keller Auditorium.  Perfect!

Feb 17

Feb 17: time

They are only young for so long.  I hope I take the time to enjoy it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 16

Feb 16: something new

Kinda crazy, but we hadn't built a fort before today!  So that was something new we did today.  And Honeygirl thought it was awesome to play in it!

Feb 15

Feb 15: phone

Well, this is where the phone should be.  But never really seems to be.  And as it is, I'm toying with whether we really need it.  Before cellphones were so common, everyone had land lines.  But they seem to be more rare now.  And most of the calls we get are telemarketers or politicians.  Hmmm.

Feb 14

Feb 14: heart

Happy Valentine's Day!  We have never really done much to celebrate, but growing up, my mom always gave us a little something.  So, today I gave each of the girls a little gift and tried to be creative in how we would celebrate.  The result was heart-shaped pbj's.  

 Dinner was supposed to be a new dish I discovered on pinterest.  However, the day didn't go exactly how I planned.  Consequently, we had our first ever heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.  And Honeygirl thought it was awesome. :)

Feb 13

Feb 13: blue

Well, it's mid-February and the floss is actually getting used this year!  I'm happy to say that I've only missed one day since my last dentist appointment. :)

Feb 12

Feb 12: inside my closet

The girls are super infatuated with getting out the shoes and trying them on!  

Feb 11

Feb 11: makes you happy

On Saturday (the 11th), my husband announced he was taking the girls to Costco so I could have a little bit of time to myself.  How lovely!  It didn't even occur to me that flowers would be the reason they would be going.  It was precious to see Honeygirl run back through the door with this bouquet of roses and Sweet Pea following right behind, saying, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"  What a great family I have. :)

Feb 10

Feb 10: self portrait

Well, here I am!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 9

Feb 9: front door

Well, here it is:  our front door.

Feb 8

Feb 8: Sun

Well, today the sun didn't exactly make an appearance.  So I took a picture of the sky.  Funny how the sky looks so blue with the Hipstamatic Camera iPhone app.  Because in real life, it was looking mighty cloudy.  
 And Honeygirl has become quite the artist, so she drew me her version of the sun. :)  I love all the colors she incorporated!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 7

Feb 7:  button

Honeygirl got this vest from Auntie Sarah for Christmas and loves it.  She especially loves that the buttons are all different colors.

Feb 6

Feb 6: dinner

I always eat dinner rather late when I work.  Like at 9pm rather than at 5:45 or so like we usually do.  However, I always leave an easy recipe laid out for my mom so the rest of my family has a yummy dinner while I'm gone.  Here was tonight's dinner.  So easy, and so yummy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feb 5

Feb 5:  10am

When I saw this assignment, I thought it was interesting that it was placed on a  Sunday.  For me, 10am comes right in the middle of church.  As it happened, I randomly looked at my watch - at exactly 10am!  So I discretely tried to take a photo of the page that my Bible was open to.  Today's sermon was from Numbers 13-14.  Not that anyone would actually be able to tell from this photo, but that's the passage I captured! It's not the greatest photo, but I was more concerned with listening to the sermon than a photo.   Pastor Bill talked about how the Israelites were more comfortable returning to a known evil that included possible death and certain slavery than overcoming fear for an unknown good of entering a new land that God had already prepared for them.  How often are we too afraid of the unknown - even if it's good, so we settle for something far less?  Good thought to contemplate.

Feb 4

Feb 4: a stranger

Ummm...not my favorite assignment.  A picture of a stranger?  I saw a couple strangers that would have made great photo subjects, but didn't have my camera ready at the right moment.  Like watching three (quite elderly) white-haired ladies helping each other across the parking lot after leaving Michael's.  So cute!  Instead, I took a picture while I waited in line with SweetPea at Chipotle.  Juggling her and the camera made for a much more blurry photo than I realized! 

Feb 3

Feb 3:  hands

When I saw "hands" as the subject, I thought of all these great things like my daughters' hands in mine for size comparison.  But reality set in and I realized I wasn't likely to capture that without help.  So instead, here is SweetPea's hand firmly wrapped around one of her sister's babies.  She's such a little mama already!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb 2

Feb2:  words

In the past few days it has occurred to me that if we choose to put Honeygirl in preschool next year, we need to figure out our plan real soon!  It looks like enrollment starts this month for some places.  Really?  Seems way to early to me for something that doesn't start until September!
 This week we tried something new:  Elderberry Syrup.  Poor little Sweet Pea has a cold and is miserable.  We'll see if this helps her out or not.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Earlier this month, the girls and I headed to southern CA to welcome their first cousin.  H-man was born Jan 10th and Honeygirl liked him enough to ask if we could trade SweetPea for him.  Ummm...NO!  But I'm glad she likes him. :)  While we were there, we had the opportunity to enjoy the LA Zoo.  And we discovered that they have some exhibits that we don't have around here...

A Cockroach exhibit?  Really?  Do you not see enough of these around?
The cockroaches....  just in case you were not previously able to identify one.
The're not sure.  But this was smack dab in the middle of the zoo with animals all around!  
I will admit, there were also some exhibits we really enjoyed.  The koalas were one of them.  There were three in this enclosure and they were all being active while we were there!  The girls and I had fun watching them  And by the way, thanks Popi and Grammie for taking us!  We had fun enjoying the zoo with you!

My View

Feb1:  my view

This morning was not our best.  It was rough.  By rest time for the girls, I was beat too.  It's not too often that I snuggle with Honeygirl until she falls asleep, but today was one of them.  She sure looks sweet when she's sleeping. <3

February Challenge

All too often I have a great idea....and never implement it.  Here's one that sounds fun, but probably not entirely realistic for me:  Take a picture every day for a month.  With my current track record for posting on this blog, it doesn't look good, but I'm going to give it a try.  We'll see how many days I can get done. :)