Earlier this month, the girls and I headed to southern CA to welcome their first cousin.  H-man was born Jan 10th and Honeygirl liked him enough to ask if we could trade SweetPea for him.  Ummm...NO!  But I'm glad she likes him. :)  While we were there, we had the opportunity to enjoy the LA Zoo.  And we discovered that they have some exhibits that we don't have around here...

A Cockroach exhibit?  Really?  Do you not see enough of these around?
The cockroaches....  just in case you were not previously able to identify one.
The amazing...um...well....we're not sure.  But this was smack dab in the middle of the zoo with animals all around!  
I will admit, there were also some exhibits we really enjoyed.  The koalas were one of them.  There were three in this enclosure and they were all being active while we were there!  The girls and I had fun watching them  And by the way, thanks Popi and Grammie for taking us!  We had fun enjoying the zoo with you!


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