Feb 5

Feb 5:  10am

When I saw this assignment, I thought it was interesting that it was placed on a  Sunday.  For me, 10am comes right in the middle of church.  As it happened, I randomly looked at my watch - at exactly 10am!  So I discretely tried to take a photo of the page that my Bible was open to.  Today's sermon was from Numbers 13-14.  Not that anyone would actually be able to tell from this photo, but that's the passage I captured! It's not the greatest photo, but I was more concerned with listening to the sermon than a photo.   Pastor Bill talked about how the Israelites were more comfortable returning to a known evil that included possible death and certain slavery than overcoming fear for an unknown good of entering a new land that God had already prepared for them.  How often are we too afraid of the unknown - even if it's good, so we settle for something far less?  Good thought to contemplate.


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