Goals for 2013

Guess what! I just found this little gem. From a year ago. Oops! 

**written Jan 22, 2013**
Yep, I know what day it is.  And I know that we're nearing the end of January already.  But these have been percolating in my head and I need to get them written down.  (sidenote:  I need to follow-up on my goals from 2012 and assess how things turned out!)

1.  Read at least one Bible verse each day. My Bible reading goals often start out lofty, and being a mom of littles, they fall by the wayside all too soon.  I know one verse is so little, but it's at least a start. If I can read one verse and really dwell on it for a few minutes, that's better than not taking the time at all.  Hopefully it will evolve into even more, but that's where I'm going to start.

2.  Read (at least ) 12 books.  With at least 3 of them being non-fiction again.  That was one of my goals last year (that I met!) and I'd like to keep it for another year.  It's a good reminder of what I'd like to accomplish in spite of how busy life can get.

3.  Continue trying at least one new recipe each month.  Possibly explore some more meatless options.


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