Featured on another blog!

Julia, over at A Little Bit of All of it posted a bunch of photos of soft structured carriers in action today. Two of the photos she used are mine!  One with each of my girlies.  I have a handful of photos of me wearing my girls, but I have to say that the photo I miss not having is one of me carrying Honeygirl on my back when I was big and pregnant with Sweet Pea.  I wore her right up until about a month before my due date...right up until I ended up on bedrest.  A good reminder that "lasts" can sneak up on us.  I thought it would be fun to have a photo, but I waited, causing that last day of carrying one on the inside and one on the outside to pass right by.  I was hoping for a photo of Sweet Pea on my back while pregnant this time, but that's not looking like a possibility either.  Darn complications.  I'll just be thankful for the photos I have, and for a healthy baby thus far!


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