Highlights lately:

Watching my 4 year old skip down the sidewalk in the sun, curls bouncing up and down her back.
Hearing my 2 year old inform me that she can't sing with me until her teeth grow bigger.
Seeing Honeygirl try ever so hard to climb a tree at the park.
Admiring the pure joy on Sweet Pea's face as she swung high on the swing at the park.
Watching my two girls learn to play contentedly with each other for decent chunks of time!
An unexpected date night with my wonderful husband on Friday night - we love that our girls love our babysitter!
Having someone else clean my house for the first time ever - wow!  That was amazing!
Having Sweet Pea come find me with stethoscope in hand, and say, "Mommy, I need to listen to the baby."
Seeing Honeygirl growing up and wanting to take a shower rather than a bath with her sister.

What have been some of your highlights lately?


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