So the day after JBF, we left for Hawaii!  This trip was significant for me for several reasons...

1. My placenta previa and subchorionic hemmorhage cleared up so I got to GO!
2. This was the first time we took the girls along to Hawaii
3. This will probably be our last big family trip for awhile 

And overall, we had a great time.

Look!  I think that's our plane!
 Ready for take-off

Honeygirl had fun sitting between Papa and Grandma on the airplane

Lots of coloring happened on the lanai.... and we checked out the Sugar Train (with the baby dolls along for the ride, of course).
I love this photo of Honeygirl playing at a local park.  Perfect sunlight!

Our time at the beach didn't go the greatest, but the girls had a blast swimming in the pool.  Both got comfortable enough with their floaties to swim around without someone holding on to them!  Sweet Pea especially loved pool time with Mama because I could actually pick her up and hold her! Weightlessness is wonderful!

One of our few family shots while in paradise
Walking on the beach near where we stayed.

Packed and ready to come home.

Our last full day there I told Honeygirl we would be leaving the next morning.  Her response?  
"Why?  We live here now."


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