JBF Finds

Has it really been nearly a month since JBF?  Good grief!  Time sure flies sometimes!  Life has been busy since then.

You know you're a committed JBF shopper when...
1. You volunteer because you know that's the way to get in to shop the earliest.
2. You start making your list of what you are looking for at least a month before the sale
3. When attending the spring sale, you are already thinking about your schedule for the fall sale
4. You count down the days to the sale
5. Your husband compares your excitement of going to the sale to his excitement of going to a pro baseball game.
6. You are concerned about the timing of your vacation because you want to make sure it doesn't prevent you from making it to JBF!

Here are some of my finds this year:

 When Sweet Pea tried on this adorable Gymboree find, she wanted to know if she could "keep it FOREVER!" ($4)
 I doubt we'll be needing too much in newborn size, but who can resist a sweet onsie like this for baby girl #3?
 An amazing find!  This is a TEA brand dress and coordinating leggings I scored for $8.  It's tucked away for Sweet Pea's birthday.  Yay!
A gorgeous Hanna Anderson dress in perfect condition.  Can't wait to see it on Honeygirl!


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