35 weeks

Written at the beginning of July. 

35 weeks.

I'm now at the point where I feel like I had better get ready.  I mean, the likelihood of little Miss coming any day is low, but it could happen.  And I want to be ready.  So diapers are in the changing table.  24 new wipes have been sewn up.  Clothes hang in the closet (guess I should wash them!).  And the search for another back-up baby carrier is in full swing.  I mean, let's face it:  with me already chasing two others, this kiddo will need to live in a carrier to stay connected and safe!

Since we were already at the beach this past weekend, I thought we should take advantage of the beautiful weather and scene and grab a few unofficial maternity photos.  I love looking at other people's blooming belly photos, but we've never paid to have professional ones done. This time is no different.  But my dear husband indulged me and took photos for me.  I really like how some of them came out!


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