Follow-up for 2013 goals

Here's a quick follow-up from last year's goals:

1. Read at least one Bible verse a day. 
**feeling really great about this one! I actually ended up reading the Old Testament portion of the one year bible and only missed about 15 days at the beginning of January. Otherwise, I kept up and finished!

2.  Read at least 12 books, 3 being non-fiction. 
**Ummm...didn't keep track at all. No idea whatsoever. I can take a guess that I probably didn't read three non-fiction books. They aren't what I gravitate towards. And I just didn't read they much overall this part year, I don't think. I was more likely to read a magazine here or there. Like The Week. 

3. They one new recipe a month, particularly some new meatless ones. 
**again, didn't really keep track. Oops. I did try new recipes from time to time. And some of them were meatless. We got a blend-tec blender and have used it a fair amount. Some new soups. LOTS of smoothies (with a few veggies snuck in). And extra sautéed veggies that I puréed to add to spaghetti sauce. 

Okay. On to a new year!


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