New Years Goals 2014

A new year, and new focus. I'm not one for resolutions, but I have come up with lists of goals in years past. And overall, I've done a pretty good job on finishing those lists. This year, I have a couple key words that I would like to focus on instead of a list of goals. I think I might still come up with some goals, but this will be my main focus instead. 


I want my actions to reflect Jesus. I have always liked the saying, "Be the moon; reflect the Son."  I want my children to be able to watch my actions and listen to my words, and learn what Christ is like. I don't expect to be anywhere near perfect. I expect that I will make mistakes over and over, but living like Jesus is still going to be my focus. 

Along those same lines, I want to be a gentle person. In actions. In words. In attitude. I don't want to be a mom that yells at her kids.  Or tosses toys in frustration. I want them to see that a gentle answer turns away wrath. And that there can be great strength in gentleness. 

So this year, I will put my focus on these words, rather than goals and see how the year turns out. 


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