Let's be real

Too often the posts on Facebook lead me to believe others live some perfect little life. Because Facebook lets us do that. It lets us post perfect photos of our houses, our kids, us. We can show off our amazing vacation pics and leave status updates about all the amazing things our kids are doing. 

Well, here's an update from a mama that's just keepin' it real:  I just pulled a shoe out of the baby's mouth. I finished the fourth load of laundry prior to leaving the house at 9:15 (because 2 kids had accidents last night and I've been up since the second one at 5:25). By the way, the accidents did not happen at the same time. Nope, we woke up twice. The middle child decided to scream at the top of her lungs on our first stop of the day, so we lasted a whopping 5 minutes in that store. So much for shopping for jeans in person! At least we have online shopping these days. The baby had a 10 minute nap, which I will count as slightly better than no nap. But because she didn't nurse as long as usual and I had my back-up nursing pads on that just don't cut it, my shirt was soaked through. Real attractive. And by now, I have recounted the events leading up to 10am. Oi. 

So next time you feel alone, like you are the only one who doesn't have it together, remember that it's probably a facade.  Because I for sure don't have it all together. You are not alone. 


  1. oh how I love this. I haven't been on facebook for a few months now and find that I am missing it less and less but understand. I have felt that way before in both aspects being the person who feels out of control and a mess as I read everyone else fb statuses and also being the person who feels like I have it all together. thanks for being real and honest and letting us all know that it is ok and that real life......it's not perfect and it is messy and there is grace


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