Week one of our intentional summer

Okay, so here we go.  It's Thursday and I'm almost at the end of the second week of this intentional summer. I've been slowly writing about week one. I'm going to TWU to document as much as I can. We will see how I do!

Monday was a busy day of running errands, but I'm happy to say that I took a quick break in the afternoon to paint the girls nails.  They each got to pick a color for toes, and for fingers.  Five minutes later, everyone was brightly colored and happy.  They plopped on the couch for a little Strawberry Shortcake show while their nails dried, and I got to make dinner in peace.  It was lovely!

Tuesday.  Well, to be honest, I can't even remember what we did that day!  Ooops.

Wednesday I worked.  But I rocked and nursed Gracie from 7:30-9pm when I got home.  Now that's some solid reconnection time.  I know she won't remember that as she grows, but I'm trying to cherish these times.  They slip by so quickly.  She's already 10 months old!  And for whatever reason, seeing the newborns at work had really made me feel nostalgic that day.  Slow down, sweet girl!  Don't grow so fast!

Thursday was a great day!  Honeygirl got to go to her very first stage play!  Some friends invited her to go along to "Grimm Fairytales" and she was thrilled!  Sounds like she had a great time and behaved herself (phew!).  While she was off with friends and Gracie napped, Sweet Pea and I baked.  

I am horrible about cooking with the kiddos, but today we made muffins together and then enjoyed the fruits of our labor.  We had a great time! After Gracie woke up, we headed to the library to stock up on new stories and sign up for the summer reading program.
By afternoon, Sweet Pea had worn herself right out and actually fell asleep during rest time.  That provided a little bit of time for Honeygirl and I to hang out while both her sisters were sleeping.  She loves those kinds of moments.  She asked if we could look through my jewelry box together.  Normally, I would come up with an excuse and say no, but today I took the bait.  She had a ball looking at what is in there.  And for me, it totally brought me back to my childhood when I used to do the same thing with my grandma.  We would stand at her dresser and I would look at all her "pretties." Grandma's ears were not pierced, but she wore earrings every day.  And some of her clip-ons were rather glamorous.  When she passed away, I requested a few of her earrings.  Trying them on with Honeygirl today was priceless.

Friday.  I took the girls to a consignment sale and a couple garage sales. They love checking out the goods just like I do. A win for everyone! They were super excited about the consignment sale and even got to play with a friend there while I looked around. Plus I scored some Toms for me that were new in the box for $15! Whoop!

They were disappointed they didn't find any amazing treasures in our shopping, though. And were also bummed that we didn't get to go to more garage sales. I hear ya, girlies! Maybe next Friday. :)


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