Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

Four years ago, I went in to be induced.  About four hours after the first of the contractions, Sweet Pea came blazing into this world.

Four years.
You are silly, and are learning to tell jokes.
You do first, and ask for forgiveness later.  I hear "Sorry Mama" a lot!
You are getting much better about sitting to listen to a story.  Now that your big sister is at school, you will even ask me to read the same story a second time.
You love to snuggle.
Mac-n-cheese is always your meal of choice.
And you don't like things mixed.
You will even turn down a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream because you don't like the chocolate chips mixed into the vanilla.
You love pink and blue
You enjoy making new friends
And you told me your favorite thing about being three was still being small enough to go in the baby swings at the park.
You also told me the best thing about turning four would be swinging on the big swings at the park!
You want to be a mama when you grow up.
And this morning, you wouldn't eat breakfast until you had "nursed" your baby doll and found a safe place for her to lay down while you ate.
Best of all, you love like nobody's business.
You give the sweetest of kisses, and randomly interject, "I love you so much, Mama" into the middle of my day whenever it strikes your fancy.

I love you beyond measure.  And will ALWAYS love you.  No matter what.


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