The Things They Say...

Tomorrow morning Honeygirl will get on the bus for the first time and head off to kindergarden.  We will see how this mama holds up.  Honeygirl, on the other hand, is quite excited.  She's met her teacher and knows which classroom number is hers. 

So tonight as I picked up Honeygirl and Sweet Pea from their first night at Awana, Sweet Pea piped up, "I don't want Honeygirl to go to kindergarden."
As I asked why, she answered with a hint of tears in her voice.
"Because I love her."
Poor baby.  I'm not the least bit surprised.  With all the fighting those two do, they still are the best of buddies.  Sweet Pea really looks up to her big sis, and just recently has been calling her "sissy."  They spend nearly all day every day together.  Having Honeygirl gone nearly all day every day is going to be a huge change.  For all of us.  Sweet Pea is losing a playmate.  So is Gracie girl.  And I'm losing out on the helper who has recently learned to change a diaper, will get Gracie out of the crib, and who helps clean up the house before Daddy gets home.  Sigh.

So in light of school preparations, Honeygirl is feeling quite grown up.
So grown up, in fact, that she declared that she will be babysitting her sisters soon.
I agreed that eventually, in a few more years, that would be the case.
She informed me that she really feels she is capable of watching them for dinner.  Like if Daddy and I want to go out for dinner.  She informed me that she knows how to feed the other two.  And she said she even thinks she could put Sweet Pea to bed.
Just not Gracie.  That would probably be too hard.
Oh Honeygirl.  So grown up.  But not THAT grown up.  Stay little awhile longer please!


  1. Oh sweet girls! This makes their Auntie smile! :) Yes - please don't grow up too soon!...And please let me know when the babysitting starts - we will come visit to get in on that action ;)


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