Be the Moon

Today I was reminded of an important truth. The only reason we see the moon is because the sun shines and is reflected off the moon. Without the sun, the moon would be invisible to us.  It would still be there, but we wouldn't gaze into the night sky with amazement at the beauty of it. My kids wouldn't excitedly point it out. And we wouldn't have its light to brighten the darkness. 

I want to be like the moon. I want to reflect the Son so that when people see me, they see something special and beautiful. I want to shine light in this dark world we live in. And I want others to recognize that there is someting worth pointing out that makes me different. I want Jesus to shine through me, reflect right off me. It's not really ME they need to see.  I'm just the vessel Jesus is using to show himself. 


  1. Such a good analogy of reflecting the love of Jesus! Phil 2:15 says to "shine like stars" ... You are a reflection of Jesus and do a good job of shining for Him! Keep trusting Him every day for wisdom and insight to pass on to those around you! Love you!


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