Library Disaster

This summer, I was reminded of just how important our words are. With social media, I think we often forget to sensor our words as much as we should. And maybe because of that, we also forget to sensor our words as much as we should in public too.

We go to the library a couple times a month usually. I've taught my kids that the library is a place where we use our quiet voices. I don't care how loud the other kids there are being, we will use our quiet voices. Even little Gracie girl, who just turned three a couple weeks ago, approaches the library with whispers only. 

So when we were half way through checking out our stack of books and she started screaming about who knows what in rage, I was caught off guard. But I knew I had a couple choices. 1. Walk away. Just leave all the books there and run. 2. Finish checking out the rest of our pile, then grab them all and leave.

I opted for option two. I was at least half way done, and when I attempted to pick her up, she screamed more. So I figured  I'd just be quick and get us out. Well, apparently I wasn't quick enough. As I finished up, a library volunteer approached and informed me more than once that people werecomplaining. A lot of people were complaining. And that it was obvious trying to take three children to the library was more than I could handle. She suggested they if I really felt it necessary to return with my children, I probably needed to bring others to help me with them. 

Ugg. Really? 

I informed her as nicely as I could muster that we do visit regularly and have not had this issue in the past. I also assured her that we were leaving. I was, after all, actively picking up our stack of books when she approached. She did offer that on another day, she would take my little girl out of the library and read to her elsewhere. 

Umm..thanks but no thanks. 

It's funny. I was feeling really good about my mom abilities that day. I had arrived at the library with an extra child in tow. (The mom met us there.) All the children were well behaved and relatively quiet. They were certainly not the loudest ones there. At least until I was half way through checking out. 

But it wasn't like I was ignoring what was happening. I had tried unsuccessfully to calm her down, so I was trying to get us out of there as fast as possible. Trust me, I wanted out of there as fast as possible too! I knew the screaming was disruptive and wanted to do whatever I could to end it as quickly as I could. 

I guess we don't always see things as others do. The volunteer sure didn't see where I was coming from. And I'm sure there are plenty of times when I don't understand where others are coming  from. It's a good reality check for me.   I so often don't know the situation, so I need to refrain from judging. Both verbally and mentally. I don't want my kids to see me do to others what this woman did to me. They saw how it affected me, which was important. They saw how broken I was afterwards. And hopefully that will help them learn how important their words are too.

May I love well, no matter who the person may be or what their situation might look like. 


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