To Room 7

This week, Honeygirl gets to be "Star of the Week" in her class.  She got to take a poster she made about herself and share something special from home with her class.  She got to share a poem, and chose who she got to eat lunch with.  And her teacher asked that I write a letter to the class about how special she is to me.  So I don't forget, here's what I wrote, and I mean every word.

Dear Room 7,

There are so many things I could tell you about Honeygirl!  She really is a special girl.  She’s funny, a hard worker, smart, artistic, a good leader, and caring.  If you need to visit the health room, she’ll walk you there.  If you don’t have someone to play with, she’ll probably play with you.  If you need some encouragement, she’s really good at giving kind words.  Need help with your art project?  You’re in luck! She loves art! And if you’re having a hard day, chances are she will pray for you, as well as make you a card.  She’s really great at stuff like that. 

But I also wanted to tell you some things about her that you might not know.  She loves tacos.  I mean, really loves tacos.  And watermelon.  But not together.  She has a huge extended family.  There are about 50 people just on her dad’s side of the family, and she loves to spend time with all of them.  She’s the oldest kid in her family, and the oldest of all her cousins.  She’s super at helping with all the younger kids.  And they all love her! When she grows up, she might want to be a nurse like her grandma and me (her mom).  And if she does become a nurse, I think she would be excellent at it because she has such a compassionate heart for others, and is intrigued by medical stuff.  But if she chooses to do something else, that’s totally fine too.  Lastly, after getting some new clothes, she went through her closet and picked some things to give to the kids at an orphanage her aunt and uncle work at.  She told me that since she had received some things, she thought she could share some of her other clothes with the kids who live there.  I love that she cares so much about others and is willing to share.  At our house, we talk about shining for Jesus, which really means showing love to everyone.  I think Honeygirl does a great job at that. 

When I asked her this week what she’s thankful for, she told me she’s thankful she gets to be in Mrs. S's class this year.  You know why?  Because she loves being in the only split class at your school with all of you.  I’m so glad you get to spend the year in the same class as Honeygirl!

Love, Honeygirl's mom


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