Pick up lines

A week ago, I had a rare morning to myself.  After getting the older two on the bus, my mom came to pick up Gracie to go along to bible study with her. I have to say, it's the cutest thing to hear little Gracie girl talk about her teachers at bible study, and hear her singing songs she has learned there. I love that she loves going!

I was supposed to have a meeting, but at the last minute, it got canceled. So there I was. A morning without kids, and no plans. I have to confess, I didn't have a clue what to do with myself. I mean, I can make a list a mile long, but where to start?! What should I do to make the most of the time? I'm sure there's about a million things I could have done at home, but I opted to drop by Goodwill. As usual, it was raining. And as I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a man standing by his old van with the hood up and jumper cables attached to his battery. His van had been backed in, so the front was easily accessible. But in a full parking lot, no one was stopping to offer assistance. I parked nearby and walked over. Nope, no one had offered to help and yes! he would love it if I would pull my van up to help. I warned him that I had no idea how to attach the jumper cables, but at least my van was working.

He told me how he had recently picked up his (rickety) old van and how it would be great for road trips. He confessed to leaving the lights on, killing the battery. He asked how I liked my van. He got his van started, thanked me, and I re-parked my van then headed in the store.

When I came back out and was pulling away, I noticed a little orange paper tucked into my side mirror. I've read enough warnings on Facebook and whatnot about how papers on the windshield can be a trap to get you out of your car, so I kept driving. When I got home, I pulled the completely soaked paper out and got a good laugh.

Here's what the paper said: "Hi - are you a single ladie? If so plz text or call me. I would like a pretty friend like you. Thanks for the jump!" (name and phone number were also included)

Oh.My.Goodness.  Having a guy give me his number is a first for me!  It's never happened before. I already have the best guy out there, so this poor guy won't be hearing from me. But he sure provided me with a good laugh. I mean really. Did he miss the car seats? Did it not register that it was MomForce1 I was driving? It's a classic mom-mobile. Single? About as far from it as you can get. But I guess this mama of three who drives a minivan has still got it. (Or finally has it!) Hahaha! 😂


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