Valentine's Day and Wonder Woman

A lot of days I feel like I have nothing to show for my day. I feel like I spin my wheels. Loads of laundry. Meals cooked and devoured (or left untouched on the plate).  Rooms cleaned up only to be destroyed again. At the end of the day, I'm not entirely sure what filled my day and there is certainly nothing visible to show for it.

But today was a different story. Today I felt like Wonder Woman.

You know, I picked up a Wonder Woman shirt at a clothing swap once. I kept it for a brief time, but decided it wasn't a keeper for my closet. Now I wish I had hung onto it. I mean, even on mediocre days, sometimes you need to feel like you *could* conquer the world if you wanted.  But alas, the shirt is no longer in my possession.

And I digress.

Today, I got up extra early to frost the heart shaped sugar cookies I baked after the kids went to bed. Because sweet little Seeet Pea told her tracer I was bringing cookies for the class today. Uuummmm.... That extra hour was used so well deflecting all the morning's disasters. But not frosting cookies. So I got the older two on the bus and headed to MOMS group. Fortunately, it went off without a hitch. 41 ladies and a fabulous speaker, who is also a friend. Good thing that went well because I followed that with a trip to the grocery store before heading home for lunch. And throwing together dinner in the crockpot. And frosting the cookies. After all, Gracie and I were set to volunteer in Sweet Pea's class at 2pm. Oh yes, we crammed all that in before 2pm! Oh, and I had the privilege of fighting off a turkey while trying to toss all our trash from MOMS this morning too.  Nothing like having a farm with rogue animals that run free right next to the church!

After volunteering at the school, I managed to get valentines goodies together for my kiddos, as well as dessert for after dinner. They we raced back to school to pick up the bigger kids and head to piano. Then once again, we dashed out the door, but this time to head home. I fished the rest of dinner as fast as I could and got the kids dressed. Planning a fancy dinner for Valentine's Day was a fun idea,, but probably not ideal on the same day as piano lessons. All in all, I'd say it was a success though. We all dressed up, and I even managed to get the same dress on that I wore for my first valentines date with my husband.  That was a shocker. Of course the kids thought it was awesome. Fancy clothes, a table cloth, china dishes, and flowers. Yummy food, presents, and chocolate pudding in goblets.

Crazy day, but it paid off!


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