Coffee (gasp!)

I remember back in high school, when I was babysitting for a family with two little girls a lot, the mom used to ask if I drank coffee.  "No, I drink tea," I would tell her.  This woman had big, teased up hair and a personality that filled a room.  She couldn't believe I didn't drink coffee.  And I was pretty sure she ran on it like fuel.  "Well, when you go to college, you'll definitely start drinking coffee!" she told me.  Hmm...

Well, those four years came and went.  And I drank tea.

Then more years went by.  Still just tea.

But Year 34, you have done me in.  I mean, somewhere in the past 5 years, I started drinking the occasional frappuccino.  But that was it.  Until now.

Don't get me wrong, tea is still very important in my life.  And tea still has a dedicated cupboard in my kitchen.  I even have a mug that says "Coffee isn't my cup of tea."  (which by the way makes me smile every time!)

Buuut... sometimes I drink coffee now.  Blended coffee drinks from Dutch Brothers.  And frappuccinos from Starbucks.  Or even a mocha or Irish Coffee on a road trip.  And occasionally, a hot cup of coffee (with a generous amount of creamer) made at home with our AeroPress.  I don't know why or when the change happened.  Just that it did.

Don't worry tea...I'm not abandoning you.  Just expanding my palate... 20 years later.


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