I thought I had a pretty good handle on what was in the freezer.  But the kids were digging in the depths of the freezer and managed to dig up something I didn't expect.  One lone, old bag of frozen breastmilk.  Forlorn and lost, it got smashed between things and completely forgotten.  Well, mostly forgotten.  I remember coming across it about a year ago.  Even though it was old at that point, I couldn't bring myself to throw it out.  Breastfeeding had been such a big part of life for me for so many years.  Throwing it out seemed so final.  So I gently put it back in.  And let it settle back into the very bottom of the freezer.  And I managed to forget that incident had ever happened. Until this week when it was once again uncovered.  Sorta fitting as it is currently World Breastfeeding Week.  But now the time has come.  Last night, that final bag went headlong into the "round filing cabinet." That season for me is over.

So instead, I will go to the Big Latch On today in support of breastfeeding and all the mamas out there who are still in the thick of it.  I will smile and encourage them.  I will remind them that they are doing a great thing for their babies.  And I will learn to embrace my role as a mama who was once there in their shoes.


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