Wipe Solution

Back when I first started cloth diapering, I found a website with a bunch of different wipe solution recipes. When I put that on my blog back in 2009, I still hadn't tried my own solution.  Fast forward to now:  we have been using our own wipe solution for several years and have come up with something that works quite well for us!  Because I get questions on a somewhat regular basis on what I use, I thought I'd post the concoction I've come up with.

Bum Spray
2T (or a really big squirt) of baby wash
2T (or another big squirt) of baby oil
2 C water
5-10 drops tea tree oil

Mix well, pour into a spray bottle of some sort.  Label well!

I use old hairspray bottles that have been through the dishwasher.  I would have thrown them out anyway, so it's a great way to recycle something.


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