Chore Chart

Well, it has happened.  Life with the Chore Chart has begun at our house!  Another family we know said that they started their kids with chores when they were three, so I figured we better get with the program.  After all, Honeygirl is three and a half now.

So - question #1:  What kind of chores do you give a three year old?
The suggestion I received was to pick things that Honeygirl will eventually be expected to do, but are still a little beyond her.  Sounded like a good idea to me.  I decided to pick five things for her to work on.
          1. make her bed
          2. put away her clothes (sort lights and darks into the hamper at bath time or put clean clothes away)
          3. set the table (with some help)
          4. keep her panties clean and dry (yep, we're STILL working on that)
          5. clean up all the toys in the playroom before bed

Question #2:  What is the reward?
We decided to follow the lead of our friends.  That means Honeygirl gets 10 cents for each mark on her chore chart.  At the end of week #1, she had 14 (out of 35 possible) marks.  So she got $1.40.  In an effort to also teach her about money, we got two jars plus her piggy bank out for her "payday."  We titled them "save," "spend," and "give."  The plan is to put 40% in savings, 50% in spending, and 10% in giving.  My family did the same thing with me when I was growing up and it worked well.  We want to instill good financial values in our kids, so this is the method we picked.

Question #3:  Can I find a cool looking chart?
Yes!  I found an awesome printable HERE.  I used contact paper to "laminate" it in hopes of making it reusable.  Unfortunately, our dry erase markers didn't erase off of it.  So we came up with a new chart for week two.

Our new chart was inspired by a project I found HERE.  I wrote everything on the front of the glass, then flipped it over and copied the days of the week, chores, and lines on the back.  Once I put it back in the frame, I was left with a chart that will allow us to erase our weekly marks, but nothing else.  Perfect!


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