Potty Trials V.2.1

Every once in awhile I get the question, "So is Honeygirl done potty training yet?" Ugh.  I hate that question.  I so want to answer, "YES!"  However, that day isn't quite here.  In the last week it has felt closer, but we're still not quite done.  We are down to just a couple accidents each week.  And I now get her up to the bathroom right before I go to bed.  She doesn't fully wake up, but she's often dry and will empty her bladder, which is a step in the right direction.  For nighttime, we rely on Super Undies, which are fantastic!  Honeygirl can feel like a big girl because she wears undies, but I know they will catch everything (which is still a lot).  

In other Potty Trial news, we have begun the dreaded process with Sweet Pea now.  Thinking back to when we started the first round of potty training, I honestly thought that we'd be through within a few months at most.  Then we would have a nice break before starting up with Sweet Pea.  Obviously I was severely mistaken! So although round one has yet to completely finish, rough two is slowly starting.  I reread some of the potty training literature I read along the way with Honeygirl.  One source insists that there is a magical period between 18-24 months in which children will train fairly quickly.  At this point in the game, I figure it's worth trying most anything!  

So about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I started putting Sweet Pea on the toilet twice a day.  After breakfast and before bath time.  I have had no expectations, but I have been hoping that she would at least get comfortable sitting there.  Initially, she didn't last more than about 2 seconds.  Over time, and with the help of the "potty time" app on my phone, she has progressed to sitting for just over a minute!  In her case, this is big progress!  And then came Friday (two days ago).  Ah, sweet victory!  Her diaper had been dry since after nap time, which put us at about the three hour mark. When I took off her diaper and put her on the toilet, she went!  Right away!  Yesterday she did the same thing.  Two days in a row!  Not that it is necessarily a habit that will continue, but I'm super excited that at (almost) 18 months, she is putting two and two together!  

Here's to a better round two!


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