Repurposed t-shirts = a dress

Last night I was asked what I would do if I had an extra hour a day for a week. Ahh...endless possibilities!  The answer was an easy one for me: I'd do something crafty!  As in a craft project of some sort.  I tend to have a million ideas, by no time to complete much. 

This afternoon I took a few minutes to look through my pile of (mostly) completed projects and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.  I actually had more things there than I thought!  I'll save most of it for a different post because I will be sharing the ideas with a local moms group in a few more weeks. But in the meantime, here is one of my recent projects:

The person who originally posted this idea was looking for a way to repurpose some old shirts of hers and came up with this idea. I didn't have coordinating shirts to get rid of, so I found some at the goodwill outlet in town. I was quite happy with how it turned out!  

Unfortunately, Honeygirl has decided she doesn't really like it (boo!).  Are all 4year olds as opinionated as her?!? I'm hoping that she changed her mind, or that Sweet Pea falls in love with it when she eventually grows into it. :)


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