The Things They Say

Some of my favorite words at the moment:

Sweet Pea:  Jebby Dean (jelly bean)
                   I luz you, Mommy.
                   I. don't. like. it.
Sweet Pea, your language abilities are just exploding.  I feel like I hear new things out of you every day.  I have been calling you our little parrot lately.  Good or not so good, you are figuring out how to say everything the rest of the family says!  And your opinions on things make me chuckle.  You are very articulate when you don't like something.  You also have started saying "I love you," without any prompting.  That is my favorite by far.

Honeygirl:  Hi-pop-isis (hypothesis)
Honeygirl, I find it fun to help you expand your vocabulary with bigger words.  Hypothesis is one of those lately.  You love coming up with a hypothesis for what will happen next, whatever it is we're doing.  Tonight for the first time, you told me your hypothesis was NOT right.  You expected to walk out the front door and see the moon in the sky, but couldn't find it.  I think up until this afternoon, you still thought the definition was to guess what would happen - and be correct. We've been having fun reading Fancy Nancy books and learning "fancy" words that way too.


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