Thursday, March 29, 2012

A favorite book

Some of the best books I have read are ones I've picked up at the library.  Normally we don't check out non-board books these days, but somehow this one made it home with us.  And I'm ever so glad it did.  This book has been such a great one to read on days that just don't go so swell.  After a rough morning, I  love curling up with Honeygirl at rest time and enjoying this book together.  And I love that she randomly asks me somedays if I love her even when she makes me mad.  Such a sweetie.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Potty Trials V.2.1

Every once in awhile I get the question, "So is Honeygirl done potty training yet?" Ugh.  I hate that question.  I so want to answer, "YES!"  However, that day isn't quite here.  In the last week it has felt closer, but we're still not quite done.  We are down to just a couple accidents each week.  And I now get her up to the bathroom right before I go to bed.  She doesn't fully wake up, but she's often dry and will empty her bladder, which is a step in the right direction.  For nighttime, we rely on Super Undies, which are fantastic!  Honeygirl can feel like a big girl because she wears undies, but I know they will catch everything (which is still a lot).  

In other Potty Trial news, we have begun the dreaded process with Sweet Pea now.  Thinking back to when we started the first round of potty training, I honestly thought that we'd be through within a few months at most.  Then we would have a nice break before starting up with Sweet Pea.  Obviously I was severely mistaken! So although round one has yet to completely finish, rough two is slowly starting.  I reread some of the potty training literature I read along the way with Honeygirl.  One source insists that there is a magical period between 18-24 months in which children will train fairly quickly.  At this point in the game, I figure it's worth trying most anything!  

So about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I started putting Sweet Pea on the toilet twice a day.  After breakfast and before bath time.  I have had no expectations, but I have been hoping that she would at least get comfortable sitting there.  Initially, she didn't last more than about 2 seconds.  Over time, and with the help of the "potty time" app on my phone, she has progressed to sitting for just over a minute!  In her case, this is big progress!  And then came Friday (two days ago).  Ah, sweet victory!  Her diaper had been dry since after nap time, which put us at about the three hour mark. When I took off her diaper and put her on the toilet, she went!  Right away!  Yesterday she did the same thing.  Two days in a row!  Not that it is necessarily a habit that will continue, but I'm super excited that at (almost) 18 months, she is putting two and two together!  

Here's to a better round two!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Weather in the Northwest is a funny thing.  Although it's March, yesterday we woke up to snow.  And it was a pretty good layer for here.  So I scraped my plans for the morning and we played outside.  The girls had a blast and we (I) built my most successful snowman to date!  (I haven't had a ton of practice.)  

 So after our snow day yesterday (schools around here even called a 2 hr late start), we woke up to beautiful blue skies here today.  I don't know what the temperature was, but Sweet Pea even took off her sweatshirt this afternoon to soak up some rays on her pale little arms.  And although our snowman hasn't completely disappeared, he had beheaded himself and lost quite a bit of weight by this afternoon.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fab Finds V.1

I recently scored some fabulous finds that I'm super excited about! 

#1.  2T Gymboree sweater that looks practically new(perfect for our cold weather that just won't leave).  $2.99
 #2.  Bass leather boots - brown size 8.5.  Based on the soles, probably only worn a few times.  $9.99
Although my kids wear stuff that is almost exclusively bought second-hand at kids consignment sales, I don't usually look for myself.  I usually feel like it's too time-consuming and the selection isn't too great.  My recent trip to Goodwill definitely proved me wrong, at least this time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chore Chart

Well, it has happened.  Life with the Chore Chart has begun at our house!  Another family we know said that they started their kids with chores when they were three, so I figured we better get with the program.  After all, Honeygirl is three and a half now.

So - question #1:  What kind of chores do you give a three year old?
The suggestion I received was to pick things that Honeygirl will eventually be expected to do, but are still a little beyond her.  Sounded like a good idea to me.  I decided to pick five things for her to work on.
          1. make her bed
          2. put away her clothes (sort lights and darks into the hamper at bath time or put clean clothes away)
          3. set the table (with some help)
          4. keep her panties clean and dry (yep, we're STILL working on that)
          5. clean up all the toys in the playroom before bed

Question #2:  What is the reward?
We decided to follow the lead of our friends.  That means Honeygirl gets 10 cents for each mark on her chore chart.  At the end of week #1, she had 14 (out of 35 possible) marks.  So she got $1.40.  In an effort to also teach her about money, we got two jars plus her piggy bank out for her "payday."  We titled them "save," "spend," and "give."  The plan is to put 40% in savings, 50% in spending, and 10% in giving.  My family did the same thing with me when I was growing up and it worked well.  We want to instill good financial values in our kids, so this is the method we picked.

Question #3:  Can I find a cool looking chart?
Yes!  I found an awesome printable HERE.  I used contact paper to "laminate" it in hopes of making it reusable.  Unfortunately, our dry erase markers didn't erase off of it.  So we came up with a new chart for week two.

Our new chart was inspired by a project I found HERE.  I wrote everything on the front of the glass, then flipped it over and copied the days of the week, chores, and lines on the back.  Once I put it back in the frame, I was left with a chart that will allow us to erase our weekly marks, but nothing else.  Perfect!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Do they look alike?

When Sweet Pea was first born, I got a lot of comments that she looked just like Honeygirl did when she was brand new.  Now, I'm not so sure.  I think they have their distinct differences.  

one month
five months


Spring is coming!

Another week and spring will have officially arrived!  The whole reason I wanted to get married in March was because of what spring at home looked like.  Beautiful sunny days.  Warm weather.  Flowers in bloom.  But we got married in the wet Northwest.  So things looked a little different than I had envisioned in March.  
One of the things I love about warm weather is being able to hang my diapers out to dry rather than putting them in the dryer.  They smell wonderful, look whiter, and make me feel good inside.  Plus I get to soak up the sun while I do a chore I can't avoid!  It will still be a good long while before I can hang my diapers outside, but I thought I'd dream a little today. :) 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wipe Solution

Back when I first started cloth diapering, I found a website with a bunch of different wipe solution recipes. When I put that on my blog back in 2009, I still hadn't tried my own solution.  Fast forward to now:  we have been using our own wipe solution for several years and have come up with something that works quite well for us!  Because I get questions on a somewhat regular basis on what I use, I thought I'd post the concoction I've come up with.

Bum Spray
2T (or a really big squirt) of baby wash
2T (or another big squirt) of baby oil
2 C water
5-10 drops tea tree oil

Mix well, pour into a spray bottle of some sort.  Label well!

I use old hairspray bottles that have been through the dishwasher.  I would have thrown them out anyway, so it's a great way to recycle something.

What blogs do you follow?

I have my little routine.  Sweet Pea wakes up, I change her diaper as she signs for milk.  We settle into the rocking chair and she gets right to business.  After all, it's been about 11 hours since we last connected.  And she knows the sweet milk will always be the perfect temperature.

Then I grab my phone.

A quick check of my e-mail to see if there is anything important.  Next up is Facebook.  Who knows what has occurred while I was sleeping?  Better catch up! A few of the blogs I follow put links on Facebook when they update their blogs, so I often click directly over from there.  Most of what I follow pertains to cloth diapers and mamas with small children that I can relate to.  If there is any time left, I indulge a few minutes on Pinterest.  So easy to get sucked in (and lost!) in that world.

What about you?  What are your favorite blogs to follow? In this crazy tech-filled world we live in, how do you spend your time?  I'd love to hear! And if this is a blog you like to read from time to time, I'd love it if you'd follow on Google Connect so I know if anyone even reads my ramblings. :)

The Baby is Coming!

I know we hear it all the time: Pretend play is important.  It's something that is expected of three year olds. But sometimes I forget how vivid their stories can become!

Friday morning I was quietly eating my breakfast, having finished feeding both girls.  All the sudden, Honeygirl came running up to me.  "Mama! We need to go to the hospital right. now. The baby is coming!"
Huh?  What is she talking about?  Then I looked down.  Sure enough, there was a baby doll tucked securely up in her sweater.  And apparently it was about to come out.
I calmly informed her that after I finished my breakfast we could go.  In the meantime, she rounded up Sweet Pea and the travel vest.  As soon as the last bite had made it's way into my mouth, she was back and ready to go!
"Sweet Pea needs to wear the travel vest."  Okaaay.  We all held hands and walked to the living room, where Honeygirl promptly informed me that the couch was the hospital bed.  I told her to let us know when the baby was coming.  However, since she knows what I do for a living, she quickly informed me that I needed to be her nurse.  (I would love it if she still felt this way when she was actually old enough to be having a baby!)
After declaring that her temperature and blood pressure were good, Sweet Pea and I headed to the piano to entertain ourselves while we waited.  After all, every laboring mama needs music, right? Pretty soon, Honeygirl called for me, informing me the baby was coming!  She pulled it out of her sweater with a look of wonder on her face.  As the baby cried (courtesy of me!), I wiped it off and wrapped it up for her.  I wanted to laugh at how in love with his baby she looked.  I mean, it was just an elaborate pretend scene.  And yet, this little girl looked like someone who really had just experienced the wonder of birth.

Sometimes I just want to laugh at how different things play out at our house of girls.  Honeygirl's bestest little buddy C plays cowboy and tries to lasso his brother.  He loves rocket ships and cars and dinosaurs.  And my three year old gives birth a couple times a week.  Oh goodness! But I'm so thankful at how she was made.  My little compassionate, princess mama.