Fancy Nancy in real life

This morning I saw my life through a different lens.  For the first time, I realized that I was living in a Fancy Nancy book.

I mean, I've had fleeting thoughts of it before, but today it was blazingly obvious.

Gracie was playing the part of JoJo, the little sister.  JoJo is often depicted wearing overalls and it can be difficult to tell her gender.  Sweet little Gracie girl was wearing jeans and a green top.  No bow in the hair, no darling little shoes.  Just some white socks and she ran around with her hair in her eyes just the way she prefers.

Then there is "Mom."  She is always wearing jeans.  As I looked at myself, I realized I had on jeans, a sweatshirt, and runners.  Yep, I was practically her clone.

And then there is the infamous Fancy Nancy.  Ribbons, ruffles, jewels, and all things extremely girly.  She wants to be fancy.   Before me sat miss Sweet Pea.  Plum colored velvet skinnies, bubble gum pink ruffled shirt with a purple ruffled sweater.  A necklace and matching bracelet made of zebra striped and pink sparkly beads.  Pale pink glittery shoes.  Oh, and a tiara on her head.  And she was informing me she was dressed to go to the grocery store.

So that's what we did.  We loaded up and went to the grocery store.  Just. Like. That.


  1. Haven't read your blog in a while ... Have to say this post made me smile ��


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