Pumpkin Patch

We did it. We braved the weather and headed to the pumpkin patch. And not just any pumpkin patch- we headed to the famed Sauvie Island. We had never been before, and I had no idea how long it would take. Turns out, it definitely takes longer than we anticipated. But the girls were good sports and we all had a blast! 

We met up with cousins and had a great time connecting with them. We all agreed that it's crazy it's taken nearly 10 years for us to get our act together and be intentional about hanging out. Afterall, they live fairly close by and also have three girls, not too different in age from ours. We wore the littlest two, while the other four had a great time scampering around together! 

Hay rides, pumpkins, a quickly abandoned trip into the corn maze, hot dogs, and roasted corn.  Mud puddles, a giant pig, laughter, and fun. A great day. 


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