Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday. (Yay!)  I love birthdays.  I love the celebration.  I love being with friends and family.  And I love gifts.  Yep, I'm going to admit it.  So, although anyone's birthday is fun, I especially like mine.  And this year was special for a couple reasons.  For one, I turned 30.  Finally.  I mean, when people ask you how old you are and you say, "I'm 29," it just doesn't sound very believable.

"Ohhhh, 29.  I get it."
"No, I really am 29."
"No, really!"


But now I'm 30.  For real.

The other fun thing is that Honeygirl got to go shopping with her Daddy to pick a present for me this year for the first time.  And she managed to keep it a secret all week long!  I was so proud of her!  They went shopping a week ago Sunday.  A few times during the week, I thought she was about to spill the beans, but with a little reminder, she was always able to keep the cat in the bag.  Until yesterday morning, that is.

She had been told that presents would be after breakfast.  Now, usually, I spend Sunday morning hurrying both girls along, helping them eat.  And I have good intentions of enjoying a cup of tea, but usually run out of time.  Yesterday I was determined to do things different.  After eating my yummy french toast and bacon, lovingly prepared by my wonderful husband, I hopped up and started making a cup of tea.  And as she realized what I was doing, Honeygirl worriedly asked, " Mommy, don't you want the tea we got you?"  Key the look of horror on my face.  "It's right here in this bag!"

Uh-oh.  There went the surprise.  And just minutes before I opened my present.  But still, my three year old made it a whole week.  And would have made it the last few minutes if I hadn't brewed a cup of tea!

So I opened my present - with her help.  And of course, I enjoyed some of the super yummy Teavana tea she got me.

 My yummy breakfast!
 Lunch at my favorite restaurant.  Bonus: we found out that although the Chevy's closest to us closed, there is one about 20 minutes away.  Yay!
 My husband threw a great party for me at his parents' house.  Family, friends, and yummy food.
Me and my good friend Demetria.  As if we didn't lead lives that are parallel enough, we unintentionally wore matching clothes last night. :)

**Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so fantastic!


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