Potty Trials Conclusion v.1

Sunday night was big.  I'm talking huge!  It was a milestone night I wasn't expecting for months.  Maybe even a year.  But I was wrong.  Hallelujah!

Sunday night was Honeygirl's first night in regular big girl underwear.  Super Undies have been our dear friends for quite awhile.  And when she recently had a growth spurt, I snatched some up in the next size.  I had no reason to think dry nights were anywhere in our future.  Even thought something like 90% of kids are fully potty trained by their fourth birthday.

BUT, we started potty training Sweet Pea.  And good ol' sibling rivalry kicked right in.  Honeygirl was not about to be beat by her little sister.  No siree!  I did feel sorry for her when she asked me if she was a big girl - following lots of praise for Sweet Pea being a big girl.  But I reminded her that big kids stay dry.  ALL the time.  And we may have chatted about some friends who are younger and smaller who stay dry all the time.  So I will never know if it was the sibling rivalry that motivated it, or if developmentally, something just clicked.  But I can now say Honeygirl is FULLY potty trained.  YAY!

So, of course, we celebrated.  Honeygirl proudly helped count up seven consecutive dry nights prior to Sunday.  Then reminded us that she was pretty sure she had earned a "banilla bean."  We decided this was a big enough deal and obliged.

 She thoroughly enjoyed her vanilla bean frappuccino .
She even shared (voluntarily!) with her little sister.  Awww!

I am SO proud of her.


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