The Things they Say v.7

This week we're on vacation.  Nothing too fancy, but we're having fun.  David and I spent a night at the Oregon Garden Resort, just the two of us.  Then as a family, we headed to Seattle for a few days.  We're staying with Gigi, which is always special.  It's amazing to think she'll be 88 in a few more days and still lives on her own.  The girls were thrilled to see her, and we enjoy the relaxing pace of life at her house.  Plus I love that because her family is so big, we always get to see relatives when we visit.  Aunt Mary lives just blocks away and has been over twice in our first 24 hours here.  She and Honeygirl are "BFF's."

Today, as we headed back to the van after visiting the Children's Museum and Chihuli Glass Museum, Honeygirl and I were walking hand in hand.  Out of nowhere, she said, "Someday when I'm married and have my own babies and live in my own house, I'll still be your friend.  Maybe I'll even come visit you."

Aww, the sweetness of my little girl.  At almost four years old, I don't think of her as a "friend" yet, but I sure hope that day comes. And I certainly hope she feels the same as time goes on.


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