A Homemade Christmas - Coasters

So a week ago, I did a little talk at the MOMS group I am part of on all these lovely homemade Christmas gift ideas.  And today I had two different moms come up to me to tell me that they have been making coasters by the boatload to give as Christmas gifts!  I'm so glad I could be of help. :)

So here's the instructions:


This is probably the easiest idea I have come across in awhile.  It costs the least, and takes the least amount of time.  Plus it's totally customizable.  What could be better?

First, head to Lowe's and pick up some of those plain white tiles - you know, the ones that cost 16 cents a piece (yes, they really are that cheap!)  Next, you need either some scrapbook paper, or some favorite photos printed on regular paper.  Cut them just slightly smaller than the tile.  Glue it on the tile, and cover with ModPodge (I think I talked about it in another post.  It's basically just watered down Elmer's glue that can be found at any craft store.)  I used a paint brush to get my ModPodge on nice and evenly, but you can even use your fingers if you want.  Lastly, cut a piece of felt the same size as the tile and glue it to the bottom of the tile. That's it!  Really!  See, wasn't that easy?  Use some photos of your kids to make some for grandparents, or photos of cool places for your globe-trotting aunt.  Or just pick some nice scrapbook paper and give them to most anyone you need a gift for. :)


  1. I made these too! With Instagram photos :) Eventually I'll blog about it, but I made them for my sis for Christmas so they're a surprise.

    1. Oh, she will love them I am sure! :) I'm giving these as a gift as well, but I'm pretty sure the person who will be receiving them doesn't read my blog. :)


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