A Homemade Christmas - note cards

Letter writing is becoming a lost art these days.  Sending an e-mail, Facebook message, or text is so much easier.  But I LOVE finding a personal piece of mail in my mailbox!  I have to say, getting Christmas cards is a highlight for me, because I get to hear from all sorts of people without just lurking around on Facebook. :)

I don't send as many cards as I would like to, but I still send what seems like a decent amount each year.  I think it would be safe to say I send at least 30 (sometimes more like double that), not counting the Christmas cards I send out every December.  And cards can be expensive.  So I make my own.  And contrary to what some people may think, they don't have to be complicated.

Note Cards

Notecards can be fairly simple, or as complicated as you want.  Due to being a busy mama, I tend to make mine pretty simple.  Here's an example:

All you need is some white card stock, or plain white cards from a craft store.  One of our local craft stores puts packs of 100 white cards and 100 matching envelopes for $5.  I just can't beat that, even buying cardstock and cutting it down to size myself!  Next, you need some colored card stock, or scrapbook paper.  I cut it to be slightly smaller than the front of the card.  The third thing you need is a stamp pad and stamp.  I like to stamp the image on the paper I plan to use before gluing it to the card.  That way if I go off the edge, or don't like the way it looks, I haven't ruined the whole card. :)  A simple way to spruce up the card even more is to get some embossing powder and sprinkle it over the stamped image as soon as you stamp it.  This will allow the powder to stick to the ink.  Then you can heat up the powdered image to create a glittery or glossy raised look.  So simple, yet so elegant!


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