A Homemade Christmas - fabric scrap key chains

I love being crafty.  And I love being able to save money when possible.  So when it comes to Christmas, I love the idea of some homemade Christmas gifts.  I can have fun making something with a specific person in mind, and hopefully do it for less than if I bought it at a store or bazaar.

In the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, I'm hoping to post multiple ideas that I've put together this fall as gifts.

WARNING: if you're on my Christmas list, you might end up seeing something that will be coming your way!

Fabric scrap key chain

A personalized key chain can be a fun little stocking stuffer.  These require just the most basic of sewing abilities.
scrap of fabric
scrap of coordinating ribbon
key ring
needle and thread

I used pinking shears to cut my fabric scrap into two matching circles.  That way they had fun zig zag edges. Then I folded my ribbon in two around the key ring and put the two loose ends inside the fabric scraps.  Then I just sewed around the edge of the circle, capturing the ribbon as well.  Voila! A beautiful key ring for someone special!


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