Buttermilk painting

I'm always up for new ideas to keep the littles busy. This was an idea I had stumbled upon awhile back and handily stored on one of my Pinterest boards.

Because we had pancakes a few days earlier, we had some leftover buttermilk in the fridge. We put some in a shallow dish, then added a bunch of random drops of food coloring. We all know that a drop of food coloring in water makes a beautiful firework effect. But on buttermilk, it just sits there like a blob. However, when you coat a q-tip in dish soap and dip it right in the middle of the food coloring, the effects are rather fun. We played with it until we had a dish full of swirls. Then, just for fun, we decided to grab some multipurpose print paper and see if we could make a print from it. Turns out we could! The girls had a blast creating our swirly masterpieces. They only thing left to decide is who to send them to!


  1. I love how much you are blogging these days! I would like to think there was a little inspiration from someone else you know and love... ;) Keep it up!

    1. Yes, you are right! I really do enjoy writing...it's just making the time! :)


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