Our pastor did a fantastic series on simplifying. It really resonated with me. Week by week, we were given a challenge on different areas to simplify: stuff, noise (like all the input from music and the internet, etc), food... I realized there are so many ways in which we have so much excess. Sometimes I fantasize about just picking up my family and moving. Only taking a couple suitcases of  clothes and essentials with us. Just leave all the excess behind and figure out a simple life. Or moving to another country like Aunt B and Uncle P did. Now that would sure make us simplify! Reality tells me that I would never actually do any  of those things. I'm a homebody who shies away from change. But it doesn't spot me from entertaining the thought. 

In the meantime, I'm going to keep trying to simplify right where I am at. Pull out what I know I don't need and either sell it or pass it on to someone who could use it. And try desperately to show my kiddos that more is not more. 

Until later~


  1. I love it! The other night Mr. Bell said for his next birthday the ultimate gift would be 7 No Question Discards. This means he would be allowed to discard and 'simplify' our life and home without a veto from me. Whoa. Made me think about it and realize that maybe it's not a bad idea to give everyone 1 or 2 NQD's here and there.


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