How can it be? Has it really been a whole year since Gracie girl burst into this world so quickly? I'm so glad I wrote out her birth story because as much as I would love to think I will never forget the details, I know otherwise. They have already started to fade. Sad.

On a happy note though, I wouldn't trade this past year for anything!

Gracie, I love your smile and your laugh.
Your ticklish little feet (they are really rather tiny!) and your high-fives.
I love that you can clap, crawl with lightening speed, and have used your resourcefulness to convert the little wooden chair into a walker to get around the kitchen!

I love seeing you light up when your sisters bound into the room, or daddy gets home from work.
It warms my heart that a simple whisper of "milk" in your ear is all it takes for you to snuggle down in my lap expectantly.
You love the water, your sisters' toys, wooden puzzles, the play kitchen, and your blankie from Miss Demetria.
You also love emptying out drawers.
You bring our family so much joy.
I can't even begin to imagine life without you.
I'm so glad God blessed us with you!
I will always love you, little Gracie girl.


  1. This is so sweet! I hate that I don't know the sound of her laugh, but I can't wait to learn it! I love her dearly and am so proud to be her Auntie!

  2. Just realized that I should read your blog more often! This is a precious note about your little one!

    Love you today, tomorrow, and always ~ momma


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