Hello coffee

32 years of drinking tea
BSN degree in 4 years with a 3.0+, while only drinking tea
working night shift as a new nurse, while drinking black tea
moving far from home, while drinking herbal tea in many flavors
becoming a new mom, while drinking tea (and lots of water)
adding baby #2 before the first turned 2, while drinking less tea because it was usually cold by the time I got to drink it
adding baby #3 while the oldest was only 4, while drinking cold tea because I never made it to my hot tea without reheating at least twice.

I have made it through all that with only tea by my side.

And now when the youngest is one, but the oldest hasn't quite started kindergarden yet, is when I finally succumb and start drinking coffee-ish hot drinks in the morning. Good grief.


  1. You can't be abandoning the tea drinkers club of our family ... you and me! Tea is much better than coffee ... although I like the smell of coffee, I just can't handle the taste!


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