In honor of the day I was born

Yep, it's my birthday. Well, yesterday was. And a lovely day it's been. But even though it's my birthday, I'm still a mama. Therefore, in some regards it's just another day. I started my day by setting my alarm earlier than normal to ensure I had both time to get ready and time to open presents with the kiddos before Daddy left for work. Because we all know the kiddos can't keep secrets. So the presents needed to happen first thing in the morning. 

Next up was hitting our two main grocery stores. Birthday or not, the fridge needs filling. And of course, no trip to the grocery store with all three children is complete without some fights over why we can't fill the cart with "special treats" and buy boxes of sugary cereal. 

We also hit up Walmart to buy school supplies. Honeygirl found many things she felt were vital for kindergarten, but if it  wasn't on the list, it didn't go in the basket. Therefore our lawer-in-training was ready with arguments multiple times over. 

There were still melt downs from tired children, and the dramatic cries of "nobody loves me!" from Honeygirl when she didn't get her way. Children pouted and cried. Naps were skipped. Food was thrown on the floor. I listened to the VBS soundtrack on a continuous loop until 4:49pm this afternoon and got flack for changing the tunes when I finally did. 

But it was still a great birthday. I am reminded that I have three adorable little girls who need and love me. My parents too us out to lunch and my in-laws had us over for dinner. My house got cleaned by someone else and my husband took the day before off to hang out and take me out for a special breakfast. And I got 4 (yes, for real!) gift cards to Craft Warehouse, a local store I could spend hours in. I am a blessed mama. 


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Anna! It was a blessing to spend time with you on your birthday :) We are so blessed that you have grown into a lovely young woman who loves the Lord and her family!

    Blessings to you for the coming year! Your momma loves you today, tomorrow, and forever!

  2. You are a blessed Mama! I'm so glad your birthday turned out as it did, but I will sweetly remind you that you left out a very important phone call you had that morning...way to mention that! ;) Happy Birthday Little Momma - love you gobs and gobs!

    1. Yes, I had several special phone calls! Love you too!


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