Happy Birthday Honeygirl

Happy 4th Birthday, Honeygirl. Where has the time gone?  I still think of myself as a mama to two little girls.  But that is becoming more and more untrue.  You have grown so much.  About a month ago you desperately wanted a lunch box.  As I tried to distract you, a store clerk asked if you were going to be entering kindergarden or first grade.  "Ummm...she's still three."  When you want to, you can act so grown up.  And now that you are growing out your bangs, you look quite grown up too.  My little girl isn't so little anymore.
You are learning how to sound out small words like "cup" or "hat."  You know all your ABC's and the sounds they make.  You are learning how to add and subtract in single digits.  You are enjoying science experiments with me.  And you have an amazing memory.  You sometimes ask me about things that happened a year ago!  Plus you are learning Bible verses, which makes me so proud.  This summer at family camp, you learned a whole string of verses (Philippians 2:14-16).  I had no idea you were capable of that.  Wow!
You love playing with your little sister.  I think your favorite thing to play is "mama and baby."  I hear you informing Sweet Pea that you are her mama and she needs to listen to you.  Yep, you're definitely an older sister. :) You are becoming a great little helper to me, and when you want to, you are a great helper to your sister too.  Sometimes I hear you helping her find something she can't seem to locate, or helping her in the bathroom when she wants to sit on the toilet.  You can be so sweet.  We have our rough times too.  You like to test the boundaries on a daily basis, but I am hear to tell you they will not change.  I have your best interests in mind and want to do my best to be the best mama possible for you.
I love that you ask how many kisses and hugs I want every night.  I love seeing your compassionate heart.  And I love watching you grow.  I will always love you, Honeygirl.  Happy Birthday.

Breakfast with you this morning at IHOP, and you all dressed for your princess party with friends. 

 Look how much you've grown since your last birthday!


  1. I love this post celebrating Honeygirl's 4th Birthday! Yes, she is growing up before our eyes and I cherish each time she runs up to hug me! Hugs to you today ~ grammie


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