Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Pea

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Pea.  It's hard to believe it's been two whole years since we welcomed you.

And I'm amazed at how much you've mastered lately.  Your sentences have grown to three words, occasionally even four.  I frequently hear things like, "stop it, [Honeygirl]!" and "thank you, Mommy."  You don't like to be left out of anything, which means there has been more yelling in our house lately.  But you've also gotten really good at quickly finding your stool and carefully placing it exactly where you want it so you are able to see everything happening on the kitchen counter.  You are quick to tattle on your sister, but even quicker to say sorry when needed.   You love playing with all the toys in the bathtub, whether there is water in there or not.  You can usually be found either playing with the doll house, or with a doll or two.  You know the importance of "Mommy milk" and eagerly climb on my lap at bedtime to claim some.  But you also spend time sitting in the rocking chair with your babies snuggled against your tummy, telling me you are giving them Mommy milk from your tummy. And you now go to bed with your six favorite animals and dolls (I counted tonight). Soon there won't be room for you in there!
You give the best hugs.  You have the greatest laugh.  And you such a fun-loving, silly girl.  I will always love you, Sweet Pea.  Happy Birthday.

 Your first experience with Pazookie.  I think it's safe to say you thought it was delish!  You didn't exactly share much with me.... ;)


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