The Things They Say (and Do!)

This morning my sister posted a photo on Facebook of my 9 month old nephew unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom.  The caption was "and so it begins."  And I have to admit:  I thought to myself, this is only the beginning.  And she has a boy!

Then I went on with my day.

Fast forward to late afternoon as I was prepping dinner.  The girls were actually playing nicely together, upstairs, while I was trying out a new recipe.  Life seemed peaceful.  Yep, too peaceful. But before I even had a chance to realize it was too peaceful, Honeygirl came downstairs completely naked to tell me some water had spilled, but not to worry - she had cleaned it up with a towel.  She had the towel in hand and it was SOAKED.  Interesting.  And alarming.  So I did what any mom would do:  I grabbed my phone and ran up the stairs.  On my way, Honeygirl informed me that they were soaking their bums when the water had spilled.  WHAT?!?

And this is what I found:

Yes, they had filled both sinks in their bathroom with water all the way to the top.  They had stripped down and were sitting in the sinks.  And water was everywhere.  All over the counters.  And all over the floor.  Lots of water.  Everywhere.  Books were in the water.  Their clothes were in the water.  The rug on the floor was now in the water.  Ugh.

And they were having a blast.

So dinner was a little late tonight....


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