Babywearing Dance class

Okay, time to be real again. Can you tell I'n a fan of reality? No sense in sugar coating everything and making my life look like a perfect fairytale. I man, I love my life, but it isn't perfect by any means.

During my pregnancies, there was at least one coworker who made multiple comments on how I should be in the cover of Fit Pregnancy magazine. While the comments were incredibly flattering, I know that they never would have been made if the truth about my fitness condition were known. Truth is, exercise isn't exactly at the top of my priority list. Shoukd it be? Well, we all know the answer to they one! But it's just not something I have ever been excited about or made a priority.

So several weeks back, I saw a photo of babywearing ballet class. And it sparked my interest! Me! The one who doesn't exercise, was actually intrigued by a form if exercise! Of course, the photo was of a class in California, I think. And a quick google search turned up nothing local to me. However, as the picture flew around Facebook, it wasn't ling before it showed up on my local babywearing group and someone with initiative stepped up. All that to say, I went to my first ever fitness class this past Saturday! Was I coordinated? Nope. Did I look like I had any idea what I was doing? Don't think so! Did my Gracie girl stay content like all the other babies? Once again, no! She was happy to dance with me for the majority of the class, but then decided she wanted to dance on her own. Guess she missed the memo on the babywearing part of it. But we still had fun. And somewhat shockingly, I would actually go back for more! So babywearing dance, here we come!


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